What is a casino slot host

However, if you have been switching back and forth between quarter and dollar play, then ask for a comp while you are playing a dollar machine. What are the st When I visit a new casino and think I would like to stay there in the future I ask to speak to a host. You may have enough play to qualify for free nights or at least a reduced rate. Based on 54, salaries.

What is a casino slot host casino in puerto rico

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So you've graduated from the penny slots and are while on your way to becoming Rain Man – might be time to get a casino host. Casino hosts work for the. An important member of the casino staff is the Casino Host. Establishing a good relationship with a host can save you hundreds of dollars. How do you hook up with a host at this time? One thing you can do is to go to the slot club desk and ask to speak to a host; usually one can be paged and will.